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Importance of Amazon Kindle eBook Reviews :


How to Get Amazon Reviews


The huge problem I was facing which I am sure you are in the same situation! Every time I publish and eBook I had a great title, well designed cover photo, a killer description and of course quality and valuable content but how many sales I have got?




That’s right. Nada. Zilch. None.

Amazon Book Reviews


One of the main reason I found was I didn’t had any reviews and recommendations on my eBook.

I knew that a good number of quality and average reviews on my ebook can pitch up my sales.


Why are Amazon Book Reviews Important :

  • Increase your Exposure
  • Increase your Fan Base
  • Increase your Book Sales


Fake Amazon Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews, How it functions it past anybody, yet the straightforward trust is that once a book gets in the framework and starts being reviewed/recommended more, more sales happen. It’s fun ride, Wow!


Now Getting Amazon Reviews Was a 100 Ton Weight On My back

Amazon Top Reviewers

I started thinking and tested almost every way to get Amazon Kindle eBook reviews. Again I did a detailed research, Reading articles online, bought some helping guides and eBooks, forums, reached out to Amazon Gurus, Even invested thousands of my hard earned bucks on paid stuff. It took months.


Buy Amazon Reviews! Worth it?

I would never recommend to buy Amazon Reviews as it never worked for me. In my research process this is the first thing I tried out.

Resellers online are charging something between $5-$20 per Fake Amazon Review.


Buy Amazon Reviews


Most of the time these reviews come from fake Amazon Accounts which are already on blacklist and Amazon algorithm is clever enough to flag these reviews and put them off very soon.

Even sometimes they suspend your Amazon Account or Kindle eBook for receiving fake reviews.

That’s what happened to me. So I had to put a big cross on this strategy!


Offering Free Copy to Amazon Top Reviewers For an Honest Review, A bad Pick!!

Amazon regularly update the list of top 1000 Amazon Reviewers on their website with their email addresses and some time other contact details. I scraped the following data and build a list of them.

1) Reviewer’s Name

2) Email Address

3) Other Contact Details

4) Interests (Niche)

I took some time to write a quick and simple email creative offering a free copy of my eBook to Amazon Top Reviewers and requested an honest review nicely.

Buy Amazon Reviews

Result :

Although I manage to got few reviews but most of them were too busy to accept the offer close the deal. Almost every Amazon Publisher is doing this these days and they are over burdened. I needed much more reviews that I got and this was a waste of time.


Other Conventional ways to get Amazon Reviews :


I tried almost everything you can think off and Amazon gurus recommend anywhere online and offline. Everything I tried was nothing different them anybody else would have done and was pretty conventional, But that’s how the journeys started.


Here are some of what I did…


  • Got on Social Networking Sites and tried requested reviews
  • I connected with Amazon Publishers in my niche and requested honest recommendations for a free copy
  • I manually navigated though Amazon to find potential reviewers
  • I begged my family and friends to leave a review for my on my Kindle eBook
  • There were KDP free days and hoping readers will leave a review and even put links inside eBook and asking nicely for reviews

Amazon Reviews

But non of it worked, Although I manage to find few but the time and money invested was too much.

Cost benefit ratio was not convincingly good.

At that stage, I knew I needed to attempt something new, Something out of the box. I gravely required an approach to get loads of high caliber reviews and recommendations on my Kindle eBooks to pitch the sales. Else there was no way to pitch some real sales.

Have you been worndering how to get Amazon reviews? (Buy Amazon Reviews)

Finally I Discovered The Secret Formula To Get Unlimited Amazon Reviews Within Your Niche In Matter Of Hardly An Hour


All you have to do is to follow my step by step instructions I explained in detail with screenshots and cross your fingers just for a few days to get unlimited Amazon Reviews.


How to get Amazon Kindle Book Reviews :


  • Publish your eBook on Amazon Kindle
  • Implement my step by step guide
  • Cross the fingers, Sit back and see the reviews flowing to your way
  • The more reviews your eBook gets, The higher it will be placed in Amazon search engines 


The Amazing Amazon Review System :


  • A unique system that generates high quality 5 rating reviews to your Kindle eBook
  • A well researcher and tested guide that will walk you through the process step by step with helping screenshots and make sure you get the reviews live
  • This Amazon Reviews system is 100% legitimate and having nothing to do with crappy fake reviews and we guarantee the reviews will be live for everStart Saving Time While


Sales and Exposure


This will permit you to be a more fruitful Publisher, Quicker and simpler…


The Amazon Reviews System is ideal for :


  • Kindle Publishers
  • Content Creators
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Writers
  • Amazon Book Reviewers


Amazon Reviews System Testimonials

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